For Insuret, Insurance Technology Solutions provides a complete insurance management system, incorporating policy  underwriting, fulfillment and claims processing, These systems also provide clients with on-line access to their policy and claims information. In addition Information Technology Solutions provides a complete infrastructure management system, support and maintenance. 


For Total Claims Solutions, Insurance Technology Solutions has developed an Claims Management System, the key features of the Claims Management System is not only management and processing of claims, but it's integration with diary notes, follow-up and automatic client documentation.


For Doran Capital, Information Technology Solutions developed an on-line intranet system designed to provide their clients with information relating to investment opportunities and their investment portfolio.


 For NEAP, Information Technology Solutions manages their entire IT infrastructure, providing regular maintenance and advice.


For PCS Connect, Insurance Technology Solutions developed a quoting and rating system for Business Insurance packages.

For Vero, Insurance Insurance Technology Solutions developed a Risk Management System and an Client online portal. The system provides Vero personnel with a risk assessment and analysis system which is integrated with client document production and reporting.  Clients are able to view the risk review and recommendations on line and perform what if analysis on the particular risk to review recommendations and the impact those recommendation have on its risk profile.

For IBL, Insurance Technology Solutions developed a policy processing, risk assessment and claims processing system that is integrated into their back end accounting system. 



For the Franchise Council of Australia, Information Technology Solutions provides on going  infrastructure maintenance and support, ensuring their systems are operating at optimum levels with minimum downtime.

For Poolwerx, Information Technology Solutions and Franchise Technology Solutions provides on going  strategic consulting services, line of business processes and systems development.

For Bathroom Werx, Franchise Technology Solutions on going strategic consulting services on line of business processes and systems development.  

For Brazillian Butterfly Technology Solutions provides  Help Desk and Support for NSO and its Franchisee Network.

For Ozford College Technology Solutions developed a student management and fulfilment system and an Agent online portal. 

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