Technology Solutions is a full service technology company. We specialise in delivering consulting, infrastructure and software development solutions that increase productivity, competiveness and deliver cost savings. Our success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional client service delivering the highest standard of solutions tailored to your technology needs and objectives.

Our team are specialists in providing solutions to small and medium sized businesses, Our specialist business units in the Insurance and Franchise sectors are focused on delivering affordable and proven solutions to these sectors.

              Infrastructure Solutions

  1. Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
  2. 24/7 help desk support and remote helpdesk operations
  3. Backup/Restore Management
  4. Embedded PC Maintenance Programs
  5. Disaster Recovery Design & Testing
  6. Office Policy & procedures manuals
  7. WAN and Extranet Solutions
  8. Network & Network Performance Administration
  9. IT Business Consultancy
  10. Service Level Agreements


          Software Solutions

  1. Websites and Web Applications
  2. Intranet and Extranet Systems
  3. Software Support Agreements
  4. Microsoft Solutions
  5. Content Management Systems
  6. Inranet and Extranet Systems
  7. Online Booking Management Systems
  8. Online E-Commerce Systems
  9. Online Learning Management Systems




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